How do I edit a bar?

Once you have added your bar to the directory, you may need to update it in the future. You can only edit bars that you have created.

If you had a member of staff who created the account and you need this transferred to a new colleague, please let us know and we will transfer the listing to the new colleague. It is recommended that you have a blanket bar account in the manager/owners rather than individuals. The password should be updated regularly in the event of a disgruntled employer or ex-employer access your account.

To add your bar, first, you will need to log in. Head over to the log-in page. Insert your username and password, don’t forget to check that you’re not a robot: login page

Once you have logged in, you will see:

You have now logged in

As you can see, at the top, you now have a bar that indicates you are logged in. Hover over, then click on dashboard, hover over the bar, and add a new bar:

Dashboard link

Hover over bars, then click on bars:

View your bars

You will now see your bars:

List of bars

Click on the bar you want to edit, this will open your listing:

The form that needs to be updated.

Once you have updated, click on the submit for review:

Submit for review button

Once you have submitted, one of our admin team will verify the content and publish your page.

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